JOPE (Journal Of Personal Experiences)

JOPE is an abbreviation that stands for 'Journal Of Personal Experiences'.

The JOPE concept was in idea I created, as an alternative to so-called 'social media' websites. Often, the people who run 'social media' websites expect people to tell about themselves, in general terms, tell about their relationships, tell about their friends, and so on. JOPE would not require all that. JOPE would allow you to tell about your personal experiences, without all of the other things required by so-called 'social media' websites. 


When I created the JOPE concept, I decided that I would initially be the only person writing on JOPE, and later, I would invite other people to write on JOPE, so their personal experiences could be published on JOPE. So, initially, only my personal experiences will be included on JOPE.


Anthony Ratkov, December 22, 2014.

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