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In July, 2019, I bought a new bike. I had been riding a bike called the Maverick 2.1, made by a company called Iron Horse, and I took it to a bike shop and asked if I could trade it in for a new Trek bike. The Iron Horse Maverick 2.1 had 26-inch wheels, and a disc brake on the front wheel, with a conventional caliper-type brake on the rear wheel. The Trek bike that I bought has 700 mm. wheels and it had disc brakes front and rear.     

The photo above is a photo of my old bike, the Iron Horse Maverick 2.1.

The photo above is a photo of the new Trek bike that I bought. It's the Trek DS 1, the first day I had it, I rode it to Ferndale and back, a distance of about nine miles. I found the Trek seat to be a little uncomfortable, so I replaced it with a Schwinn comfort seat. The photo above shows the bike with the Schwinn comfort seat.

Since I had a new bike, I decided to take it on a ride into Detroit. I live in the suburbs, and I don't go into Detroit very often, so on July 27, 2019, I rode my new Trek DS 1 into Detroit, I brought my camera, and I took several pictures, I am presenting some of the pictures below. 

I rode down Gratiot Avenue to get into Detroit, and it was raining a little, so I went into the Dequindre Cut, so I could avoid the rain. I stood under one of the bridges in the Dequindre Cut, while it rained. The rain only lasted about five minutes. The picture above is a picture I took under a bridge in the Dequindre Cut, this picture shows a painting on the wall, this painting is new, it wasn't there the last time I went to the Dequindre Cut.  

After riding through the Dequindre Cut I went to the Detroit River. The photo above shows the Detroit River near the Dequindre Cut. 

The photo above shows a row of rental bikes near the Dequindre Cut. This is something new in Detroit, I hadn't seen this the last time I was downtown.

Above: Another view of the rental bikes, which are called 'MoGo' bikes. 

The photo above shows a closer view of some MoGo bikes locked into their stands

Above: A stand for a MoGo bike, with the bike removed.

Above: A row of stands for MoGo bikes with the bikes removed. 

The MoGo bikes are not the only thing you can rent downtown. You can also rent an electrically powered scooter. The photo above shows some of the scooters that are available for rent. These scooters are called 'Spin' scooters, I photographed these on the sidewalk at the Renaissance Center. There are three companies that have placed electrically-powered scooters downtown, there are Spin scooters, Bird scooters, and Lime scooters.   

The photo above shows several 'Bird' scooters on the sidewalk. I photographed these on Randolph Street, near Gratiot Avenue. You can find scooters like these almost anywhere downtown, they are left unattended on the streets, and the companies that own them apparently make no provision for preventing theft or vandalism of the scooters. They also make no provision for rechargng the scooters. One website had a story that said anyone can earn five dollars for recharging one of the scooters. The story implied that anyone can come traipsing in and pick up a scooter that has run out of power, and then recharge it, and get paid five bucks. 

Above: A photograph of a 'Lime' scooter. This one was parked on the sidewalk on the south side of the Renaissance Center.

The photo above shows a scooter that had been vandalized and left on the sidewalk. None of the companies that operate these scooters are based in Michigan, they are all out-of-state companies. The responsibility for tracking and investigating stolen and vandalized scooters becomes a burden for local police. 

Above: A photo of the handlebars of a vandalized scooter. These handlebars had been torn off the scooter, and were left laying on the sidewalk. 

The photo above shows part of Michael Duggan's alcoholic wonderland. After Michael Duggan became mayor of Detroit, he had a tremendously negative effect on the city. The vehicle shown in the photo above is described as a pedal-powered bar. It can hold more than ten people, and basically, they ride around downtown Detroit getting drunk. I thought that drinking in public was illegal in Michigan. Apparently, it's not illegal in Michael Dugan's alcoholic wonderland.  

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see that some of the people that are riding on this vehicle are seated on seats that resemble bicycle seats, and they appear to have their feet on pedals that resemble bicycle pedals. I read about this on a website, and it says that the vehicle is actually a motor vehicle, and pedaling is optional, pedaling is not required to propel the vehicle. Under Michigan law, if the police find an open container of beer (or other alcoholic drinks) in your car, you can be arrested. Apparently, the law does not apply to this thing, people have been riding this around Detroit, and they have been drinking openly while they ride it. A website that describes it says the riders must 'bring their own beer'. It's openly promoted as a way to drink alcohol in public. I saw several of these things being ridden around in Detroit, on July 27, and some of the people on them were obnoxious, they were yelling and shouting as they rode past. 


Mayor Duggan's fascination with alcohol is not new. In January, 2017, he gave a $40,000 Motor City Match Grant to a man from Kalamazoo, so he could start a bar in Detroit. The bar was called Eastern Market Brewing Company, and it was located on Riopelle Street, between WInder and Adelaide. That's $40,000 of the city government's money spent to push alcohol!      

After riding around Grand Circus Park and Woodward Avenue, I went towards Eastern Market. The photo above shows some MoGo rental bikes on Gratiot Avenue, near Russell.

There were some new paintings in the area around Eastern Market, I hadn't seen some of these before. Photo above shows a painting near Eastern Market. 

Above: Painting near Eastern Market.

Above: Painting near Eastern Market.

Above: Painting near Eastern Market.

Above: New painting on Gratiot Avenue.

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